Solid safety performance

No accidents, no injuries, despite the hazards

Safety is something that we believe separates Western Mechanical Services from the rest of our competitors in this industry. Our company has an excellent safety record with a goal of zero lost time incidents. Our industrial projects history includes almost 10 years of industrial projects with no lost time incidents.

We have worked on sites where dangerous hazards exist. Live oilfield operations, oil sands mining sites, high pressure pipeline pump houses, smelters, chemical manufacturing plants, confined space areas, and congested construction sites. All of this while completing much of our work from ladders, aerial work platforms, and around live equipment.

The best training and PPE available

Every employee is trained as required with no expense spared to ensure they have the best training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and guidance available. All current workers on industrial sites carry a valid CSTS certificate, first aid, fall protection, and aerial work platform tickets. As required, workers have also held tickets in HS2S and confined space entry. We will spare no expense to ensure our workers can stay safe while performing their work.

Job safety analysis, procedures and results

We have our own site-specific job safety hazard analysis that every new worker on a site must review on their first day after their WMS orientation. This is reviewed weekly during our weekly toolbox meetings as a crew and modified as required. Secondly, we use our own digital FLHA (field level hazard assessment) at the start of every shift and review and modify as required throughout the day. The digital version allows staff in our head office to review and inspect the FLHA papers for conformation and accuracy without having to scan and submit weekly. We feel this process helps keep our workers and supervisors safe by holding them accountable for what they do.

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