Testing & Balancing Services

60+ years experience in Testing and Balancing (TAB)

Western Mechanical Services was the original independent testing and balancing agency in Metro Vancouver. The company has established an excellent reputation by providing knowledgeable and thorough workmanship over six decades.

We provide a range of TAB services that can benefit mechanical contractors, sheet metal contractors, building owners, consultants, and anyone else who feels they could benefit from working with true specialists. Services include but not limited to:

  • Air systems testing and balancing of new or existing systems
  • Hydronic systems testing and balancing of new or existing systems
  • Surveys of existing mechanical systems
  • Sound testing (in relation to mechanical systems)

Balancing for peak performance

We use a teamwork approach to obtain peak performance from heating, ventilating, air conditioning and temperature control systems during the balancing process. As well as balancing air and water systems, we often provide field surveys of existing mechanical systems to assist design consultants in evaluating the capabilities of the installed equipment or to help diagnose issues with existing systems for building owners and operators.

TAB services are also referred to as HVAC testing and balancing, air balancing. and water balancing or hydronic balancing.

Accuracy ensured through rigorous calibration

Regular calibration of instruments is essential to ensure that measurements taken in the field are accurate and reliable.

In addition to regular factory service of instrumentation, Western Mechanical Services uses our own wind tunnel to verify calibration of instrumentation used for air balancing. Each instrument is placed into a test chamber and the fan speed is varied to provide different air velocities within the normal range. This process helps us proactively identify equipment that may need factory service before the typical calibration due date.

Each air balancing technician starts a typical project with calibrated instruments and throughout the air balancing process takes duct traverses to provide verification of instrument readings on an ongoing basis.

Below is a list of some our larger testing and balancing projects over the past 60 years. You can use the dropdown menu (featured) to view additional projects by sector and project type.

Oakridge Centre Redevelopment

Oakridge Centre Redevelopment. Image credit: https://www.introba.com/work/projects/oakridge-centre-redevelopment

Western Mechanical Services is proud to have been selected to complete testing and balancing of the air and hydronic systems on much of the Oakridge Centre Redevelopment and district energy systems. The redevelopment project consists of 1.2 million SF of mall and commercial space, 430,000 SF of office space and thirteen residential towers.

Cariboo Memorial Hospital – Williams Lake

Cariboo Memorial Hospital Redevelopment - Image credit: https://www.renewcanada.net/cariboo-memorial-hospital-redevelopment-moves-closer-to-construction/

Western Mechanical Services has been retained to provide air (HVAC) and water (hydronic) balancing for the new $367 million replacement hospital in Williams Lake. The new design-build facility is targeting LEED Gold certification and will be complete in 2026.

Rogers Arena

Rogers arena image: wikipedia

Completed base building air/HVAC and water balancing on this new construction $480 Million LEED silver ice hockey and concert arena in Edmonton.

Kaye Edmonton Clinic

Image courtesy of Alberta Health Services

Western Mechanical Services completed air (HVAC) and water (hydronic) balancing for this $484 Million new LEED gold, 670,000 sq. ft. specialized outpatient treatment facility at the University of Alberta hospital.

National Research Council Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation

National Research Council for Fuel Cell Technology Vancouver

Western Mechanical Services completed air (HVAC) and water balancing services on this new construction 66,000 sq. ft. LEED Gold hydrogen fuel cell research facility.

UNBC Prince George Campus

image was provided courtesy of the University of Northern British Columbia.

Western Mechanical Services was retained to do all air and water balancing on the new campus. Image courtesy of the University of Northern British Columbia.

University of Lethbridge Destination Building

University of Lethbridge Destination

Western Mechanical Services completed the air and water balancing on this new $285 million, 370,00. sq ft. sciences and academics building.

The Paramount

the paramount

Western Mechanical Services completed the air (HVAC) and water balancing services on this new construction commercial complex.

601 West Hastings

601 West Hastings

Western Mechanical Services completed air and water balancing on this office tower building in downtown Vancouver.

Ecole Secondaire Jules-Verne

Jules Verne

Vancouver’s first “stand-alone” and homogeneous French-language secondary school École secondaire Jules-Verne, located in the Oakridge neighbourhood of Vancouver opened in 2009. The Conseil scolaire francophone de la C.-B. (BC’s Francophone School District) (CSF) is committed to a world-wide eco-school program, which aims to coordinate education with sustainable development within schools and to integrate environmental learning within all subject areas. The school achieved a “green flag award for its commitment to sustainable development.

The school building was designed and constructed to LEED Silver standards.

Western Mechanical Services has been active in the LEED program, since its inception and we are pleased to have had a role in the construction process for this project by providing the air and water balancing for the building mechanical systems.

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