Heritage woods school

Heritage Woods Secondary School, Port Moody

The $ 27 million 11,770 square meter (126,000 sq ft) Heritage Mountain Secondary School building was one of the first LEED projects commissioned by Western Mechanical Services. The mechanical systems incorporated a number of energy efficient features, including a ground source heat pump that utilizes geothermal energy. This school is one of the most energy efficient in the Province of British Columbia.

Three heat recovery ventilators reclaim heat from the exhaust ventilation systems serving the Science Labs, Physics and Chemistry Rooms, Home Economics and Foods Area, Central Washrooms and transfers the heat to the incoming outdoor ventilation air used for a number of fan coil systems. The fan coil units are each provided with variable speed pumps that deliver just enough hot water or chilled water to satisfy the heating or cooling requirements.

The ventilation system for the theatre is controlled by motion sensors that determine whether or not the space is occupied. During times when the theatre is not being used, motorized outdoor air dampers close. The two gymnasia are controlled by carbon dioxide sensors so that the amount of outdoor ventilation provided matches the need of the occupants.

Western Mechanical Services also provided the operating and maintenance manuals (O & M Manuals) both in hard copy form in post binders with gold leaf lettering and in digital electronic format.

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