Michael Smith Laboratories

UBC Michael Smith Laboratories

The UBC Michael Smith Laboratories is a 7,500 sq Meter (80,700 sq ft) building that was completed in 2005. It is an interdisciplinary facility that includes biological research and training facilities.

Research is conducted on human and animal molecular genetics, plant and forestry molecular genetics and biological process engineering. The building was named after Doctor Michael Smith, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry in 1993 and former Professor Emeritus at UBC.

The mechanical systems for the laboratory areas included variable air volume (VAV) air handling systems with supply and exhaust fans having variable speed drives, and heat recovery coils and pumps that transfer heat from the outgoing exhaust air to the incoming outdoor air.

Western Mechanical Services provided the fundamental and additional commissioning services for the technically challenging mechanical equipment, systems and temperature controls for Alpha Mechanical Contracting in Port Coquitlam, BC. Western Mechanical scheduled all activities related to the commissioning including equipment start-up, water treatment, testing and balancing, duct cleaning, temperature control end-to-end checks, performance verification and preparation and review of the operating and maintenance manuals. Western Mechanical Services organized the turnover and ensured that the building operators had been adequately trained to operate and maintain the building systems.

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