Killarney Ice Rink

Killarney Ice Rink

Killarney Ice Rink 49th and Kerr Vancouver (LEED Gold Project)

The new community rink at the Killarney Community Centre, which opened in the spring of 2010 was one of the venues for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The rink was used for short-track speed skating training sessions and after the Olympic Games was converted for community recreation use.

The project was built to high environmental standards to achieve LEED* Gold certification in keeping with the Park Board’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Some of the energy related and environmental design features included a 30% reduction in water use by using water efficient toilets, reclaiming of excess heat from ice slab cooling to provide heat for the building and pool, environmental tobacco smoke control, elimination of HCFC and Halons in HVAC equipment, high level of thermal comfort, carbon dioxide monitoring, ventilation and lighting provided at optimum energy efficiency, achieving a 38 % reduction. The under-floor piping used to cool the Olympic-size portion of the ice surface was repurposed to carry hot water to warm the concourse and spectator areas.

A special Award for Excellence in Green Building Practices, a one-time award was presented to the architects who, as a group, developed the largest set of simultaneously constructed, single project, low environmental impact facilities in history. Another award was presented to the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) in recognition of its leadership in the sustainable building movement

Western Mechanical Services is pleased to have taken part in this project by working together with the design and construction teams to provide the fundamental and best practice commissioning services

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