Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria (LEED Gold)

Western Mechanical Services was retained to provide commissioning services for the $ 300 million, 28986 sq meter (312,000 sq ft) award winning Patient Care Centre at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, which opened in March, 2011 to replace all 400 existing beds and to add an additional 120 beds, most of which are private. The building was designed to utilize energy-efficient equipment and sustainable materials, resources and mechanical systems, to achieve LEED Gold certification, based on a target score of 39 to 42 LEED points.

The new hospital, managed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority has no surgical suites, pathology labs or diagnostic facilities. These are all located in an adjacent building. The Patient Care Centre utilizes a revolutionary more humanized approach to patient care, intended to improve recovery times and special attention was given to infection control throughout the building.

Increased access to nature and the use of fresh air ventilation systems were key design features incorporated to contribute to overall health. The building makes use of natural light inside during peak power usage, optimizing the electrical lighting energy required.

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