Western Mechanical Services team    

Balancing Division

Key Personnel
Len Wahlen is the company president and a partner of Western Mechanical Services. He has had extensive testing and balancing experience with the company and provides overall leadership for the company. Len does most of the estimating and sales yet still keeps actively involved in fieldwork. Len has been part of Western Mechanical since 1967. He is often called in to deal with technically challenging situations and is able to come up with the right answer whether the situation involves brand new state-of-the-art technology or systems and controls that are several decades old.
Lorne Munn, one of the pillars of Western Mechanical is a partner and a senior balancing technician, with more than thirty years of balancing experience with the company. Over and above Lorne’s extensive experience in the testing and balancing industry he has special expertise in dealing with special laboratory and hospital ventilation systems, which have special requirements related to life safety and health.
Larry Mudry is a partner and Senior Balancing Technician for Western Mechanical, having been an important part of the company since he started in August, 1979. Larry has completed hundreds of air and water balancing projects, including the Life Science Building at University of British Columbia. Larry loves a challenge and is especially talented in resolving complex situations involving specialized fluid flow problems related to water balancing.

Emily Mudry is a partner, director and office manager for Western Mechanical. She deals with the clients for all divisions and schedules and coordinates the field work for the balancing and the preventive maintenance divisions. She oversees all administrative activities including personnel, payroll, accounting and balancing division project reports. She is a skilled communicator with a gift of discernment in dealing effectively with any stressful situations that develop in meeting tight construction schedules and other situations relating to the field work.

She is well respected in the industry for her knowledge and experience, her determination to get the job done right and on time, her integrity and sense of fairness combined with a sense of humour.
James Moore, assistant office manager, divides his time between administrative assistance to the office manager and keeping the balancing reports flowing to clients. He has years of experience in computer-aided drafting and produces schematic drawings that form part of the balancing reports. James is also the resident computer technical expert who troubleshoots, analyzes and resolves network problems or individual computer issues.

Other Senior Balancing Technicians
Maury Blackford started with Western Mechanical in January 1986 in the testing and balancing division. Although he has balanced just about every type of system in every type of building over the years, his specialty is working with specific buildings in Downtown Vancouver and in the general area of Vancouver. When there are tenant changes in one of Maury’s buildings, they call upon his specialized knowledge of the mechanical systems and control systems he has obtained over the history of the building, knowing that he will take the special care that they have come to expect.
Paul Hodge has been with Western Mechanical since 1988. He is a second-generation balancing technician for Western Mechanical. Paul’s dad, Bert was a key member of the Western team in the earlier days of the company. Paul’s wide range of testing and balancing experience includes industrial buildings, correctional facilities, restaurants, schools, university buildings, commercial high rises, air terminal buildings and generating plants. He has extensive experience in working in many hospitals and other institutional buildings, many of which have technically challenging requirements that must be adhered to.
Henry Ngo started his balancing career with Western Mechanical in 1991. He has had extensive and well diversified experience with balancing all types of mechanical systems in every type of commercial, residential and industrial building. Henry has special expertise in programming and operating different temperature control systems and any kind of electronic equipment and systems, including computers. He loves photography and makes effective use of the company’s digital camera on some jobsites and at company functions.

Some of Henry’s current major projects include the Shrum Chemistry Building at Simon Fraser University Main Campus, Buchanan Building renovation at University of British Columbia, Richmond Hospital addition, Surrey Business Central Park major DDC temperature control system upgrade for five buildings and recalibration of the variable air volume air handling systems for the Bentall Towers in downtown Vancouver.
Mike Mudry has been a balancing technician since 1995. He has excellent practical skills combined with his knowledge and understanding of mechanical systems. When balancing older buildings it is often necessary to laboriously trace all the ductwork through ceiling spaces. Mike has the perseverance and ability to quickly familiarize himself with existing mechanical systems, with excellent recall of duct sizes and locations, and the knowledge and keen desire to obtain optimum performance from building mechanical systems.
Benjamin Chiung-yu Syu has been an IAQ specialist with Western Mechanical since 2008. His unique background and experience includes a Ph.D ME doctorate level of education and previously a M.Sc degree that he received through the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA following his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan. He has had specialized experience with design and performance testing of bio safety laboratories and industrial clean rooms and performance testing and site acceptance testing of clean room HVAC systems. Ben has worked in the field with Western Mechanical’s testing and balancing division. In his previous employment Ben served as a technical manager for Environmental Balancing Consultants in Taiwan for four years, during which time he was a visiting professor at the National Taipei University, guiding graduate students in experimental design and analysis.