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Western Mechanical Services (1977) Ltd. is one of the leading independent testing and balancing agencies in British Columbia, Canada and was originally established in 1958.

The company provides air and water balancing and commissioning of new and existing mechanical, electrical and automatic temperature control systems in commercial, residential and institutional buildings. In addition, we conduct field surveys and / or trouble shooting for existing systems to measure actual performance of systems in their existing condition.

We have produced operation and maintenance manuals for mechanical and electrical systems since 1958 and we can provide these in hard copy or digital electronic form (e.g. in pdf format using Adobe Acrobat). We produce manuals for emergency procedures for commercial and residential buildings.

Western Mechanical offers contract maintenance and emergency service for building systems and we carry out replacement of mechanical equipment such as boilers, pumps, heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment for the buildings that we maintain.

Over the years, Western Mechanical has always strived to provide the highest quality of service in a professional manner with integrity. Our fieldwork is carried out by skilled and highly trained, experienced technicians, technologists and professional engineers. There is a spirit of teamwork that has developed over decades to bring the best quality of workmanship to our clients.

Benefits to Building Owners

A fully commissioned and well balanced mechanical system produces the exact amount of air or water for heating and cooling so that the space temperatures are comfortable, the air quality is fresh and the noise levels are within an acceptable range.

Energy consumption is minimized, keeping operating costs to a manageable amount. The amount of greenhouse gases produced by the mechanical systems is minimized, keeping our environment greener.

The mechanical systems are better able to respond to changes in outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.

Building occupants performance is optimized when the conditions in the building are at optimum comfort levels.

Less unprofitable time is spent resolving occupant complaints regarding building conditions.