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Mechanical Maintenance

Western Mechanical Services provides preventive maintenance, trouble shooting and emergency services for a wide range of commercial, institutional and residential buildings in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Current buildings include office buildings, university and college buildings, medical and dental buildings, laboratories and art galleries.

We have been selected by Envirotest Canada to maintain all of the Air Care Stations in the Lower Mainland. Each station has specialized ventilation equipment that is essential and must be kept operating for the Air Care Stations to continue operations. Western Mechanical has responded to several crisis situations to provide emergency service in a timely manner, thereby avoiding temporary shutdowns of vehicle tests.

Western Mechanical has had a longstanding maintenance service agreement to look after the mechanical systems at the Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver, having carried out the air balancing and commissioning during the building construction. It is crucial to maintain temperature and relative humidity control, room pressurization and other conditions within specific limits in the Level 3 Laboratory areas. Over the years, Western Mechanical has provided timely and reliable response to emergency callouts in a timely manner.

Over the years, Western Mechanical has successfully completed replacements of major mechanical equipment and controls for a variety of clients.

When there were major tenancy changes at the downtown office building at 1045 Howe Street, Western Mechanical played a major role in providing additional mechanical cooling on two floors to accommodate the change in requirements for additional computer equipment and occupancy. When a major renovation to the hot water heating and boiler plant was required Western Mechanical organized the consulting engineering services and mechanical installation without disrupting the operations in the building.

When the University Golf Club decided to add mechanical cooling for their Main Restaurant area, Western Mechanical played a major role in recommending how to achieve this and provided the expertise to carry out a successful installation at reasonable cost to the Owner. The project consisted of installing a new 10-Ton direct expansion cooling coil into an existing supply air duct and connecting it to a new air-cooled condensing unit installed on the roof.

When the Tsawassen Medical / Dental Building modified their computer systems, Western Mechanical installed a new air conditioning system to maintain the room conditions required.
Previously, Western Mechanical had installed a new building air conditioning unit to replace the original equipment.

Mechanical System Troubleshooting

When mechanical system and temperature control problems arise in buildings, Western Mechanical Services has provided the technical expertise to effectively and efficiently identify what is causing the problems and what actions are required to restore satisfactory building conditions. Western Mechanical has the necessary technical expertise and instrumentation to analyze building conditions and recommend practical solutions, regardless of whether the problems are due to system design, equipment inadequacies or defects, temperature control faults or deficiencies or balancing problems.

When there were problems with a major Art Gallery at University of BC, Western Mechanical was retained to carry out a detailed evaluation and to identify practical solutions. Similar field studies, reviews and reports were carried out for several other UBC buildings to assist them in carrying out corrective actions.

Western Mechanical has been retained by National Home Warranty to provide field testing and technical analysis to assist in resolving disputes related to performance of mechanical systems for several residences, including hot water in floor heating systems, warm air heating and air conditioning systems.