Hillcrest Curling Venue / Legacy Recreation Facility and Percy Norman Aquatic Centre (LEED Gold Project)    

Mechanical System Commissioning

The Need for Commissioning

There has always been a need for mechanical systems to be commissioned to ensure that the systems are performing the way they were intended to operate in order to achieve the design objectives such as temperature and relative humidity, lighting levels, outdoor air ventilation, noise levels and fuel efficiency. In recent years, the importance of commissioning has increased because:

The variety and complexity of mechanical systems and related control systems to choose from keeps expanding and changing at a rapid pace.
Computer technology has made it possible and economic to improve our control of building conditions regarding comfort and safety.
The energy performance and efficiency of mechanical, electrical and temperature control systems has become more important to the building owners and to the government departments and regulatory agencies.
There is increasing awareness of the environmental impact of building systems. This one aspect of building system design has had a radical impact on building design and operation, e.g. the materials used in construction and the types of fuel for heating and refrigerants for cooling.
There is general concern regarding the condition of our environment and an understanding that we cannot continue to pollute our atmosphere with harmful materials. Responsible Building Owners are seeking LEED certification for their buildings to verify that they have been designed to meet environmentally acceptable standards and that the building systems are performing to meet the standards.
There is increased awareness regarding air quality in buildings.
There are increasing legal requirements to force building owners to avoid contamination of our environment. As a result, refrigerant gases which are relatively harmless (to people) but which produce excessive greenhouse gases must now be replaced with newer products, which are toxic to human beings.
Legislation regarding life safety systems such as fire and smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, boiler and elevator safety devices requires strict testing procedures that must be adhered to.