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Air and Water Balancing

Western Mechanical was the original independent testing and balancing agency in the Lower Mainland / Vancouver area. The company has established an excellent reputation by providing knowledgeable and thorough workmanship over five decades.

We use a teamwork approach to obtain peak performance from heating, ventilating, air conditioning and temperature control systems. As well as balancing systems, we often provide field surveys of existing mechanical systems to assist the design consultants in evaluating the capabilities of the installed equipment.

Regular calibration of instruments is essential to ensure that measurements taken in the field are accurate and reliable.

WMS uses their own wind tunnel to calibrate velometers, anemometers and other instruments used for air balancing. Each instrument is placed into a test chamber and the fan speed is varied to provide different air velocities within the normal range. The instrument readings are compared with the true calibrated wind tunnel readings to verify their accuracy.

Each air balancer starts a typical project with calibrated instruments and throughout the air balancing process takes Pitot tube traverses to provide verification of instrument readings on an ongoing basis.